Declan May

Seasons of War scandal

Declan May was the creator and promoter of Seasons of War, intended to be a series of books set in the Doctor Who universe with the proceeds benefiting charity.

One book was published to great acclaim. Soon after, multiple new Season of War book projects were announced in quick succession, with pre-order money accepted and all profits claimed to go to charity.


Soon after the period passed when anyone could file for a refund with PayPal, all the projects were delayed as Declan May claimed to have an illness which would postpone his work on the projects. He allegedly appointed another person to head the projects, “Martin Meades,” a person whom no one else ever associated with Seasons of War claimed to know, and who eventually disappeared as it became clear the books would never happen.


Despite his claimed illness, Declan May promised refunds, giving specific dates that refunds would be issued. But for most buyers, the refunds never came. Some people did report receiving refunds, mostly associates of Declan May, ‘prominent’ fans, and people owed smaller amounts. This kept most of the pressure off Declan May for a long time. Eventually, he stopped responding to emails, various forums suppressed discussion of this embarrassing mark on Doctor Who charity fan fiction, and many fans who likely paid in thousands of pounds thinking they were helping a charity were seemingly defrauded.


We want to make sure full repayment is made and that this does not happen again.  Our collective group has acquired this domain formerly owned by Declan May for that purpose.


If you pre-ordered any of the defunct Season of War sequel projects direct from Declan May and did not receive a refund and believe you may have been defrauded, please contact us at  We will add your story to all of ours in an attempt to see that this matter is resolved.


Hate mail can be sent to the same address.

Last updated: 13 January 2021